Living Walls, Natural Walls, Plants, Pots & Planters

BalconyScape Ltd are the UK’s newest and most extensive supplier of nedlaw living walls a diy living plant wall system that enabled the user to conserve space by planting vertically.

Vertical gardens and living wall systems also known as green walls can be used as both indoor living wall planters or outdoors planters.  The living wall art systems are easy to install and are mostly maintenance free as they come with their own irrigation systems.  Having a vertical garden maximises the available space and can be used with a wide variety of garden plants.  BalconyScape also offer a wide range of pot plants, garden planters, flower pots and large outdoor planters.

If you are unsure of whether or not your balcony can take a living walls then you can always check out our balcony design service to have your balcony professionally designed.  Find out more about our Balcony Design services

We can ship these plants by mail order to any where in the world  simply visit us at to find out more.